Physical Therapy.
Peake Performance.

Using an evidence informed approach to physical therapy tailored to each individual patient and their respective goals.

Our Strategy


Not one person is the same. We know that it is necessary to create a treatment plan that is not a one-size-fits-all. We provide the right approach for each client to optimize their health and well-being, while also providing continuing education tools for additional at-home support.

1:1 Time

Our therapists understand the value of patient attention and focus – allowing them to create a strong relationship to best treat you as a whole person, not just the “joint” in pain. You will never feel rushed and will always have the best accessibility to your therapist.

Peake Performance

We help our clients feel better, recover, and perform at their highest level in a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. Our resources within our practices enable our clients to strive to new heights.

Peake /(pi:k)/


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