Peake performance while bridging the gap between pain management, recovery and well being.

At Peake, our main focus is our client’s future and getting them back to their everyday life. Aligning with our mission to provide evidence-based care, we offer advanced assessment and clinical reasoning from the beginning of our professional client relationship. We focus on overall movement and skilled manipulation. As athletes and active individuals ourselves, we have a firm understanding of sports and the return to play. Our services revolve around the need to provide integrated physical, emotional and psychological rehab to better treat the whole person.

Conditions we treat


Recover From Injury/Surgery

Our team prioritizes your recovery to relieve pain and restore function, while also addressing the causative factors that led to the injury.  We treat patients who have already had surgery as well as those who have a non-operative injury. We also specialize in vertigo/dizziness treatment, high-level concussion management and return to play.

Maximize Performance and Injury Prevention

Even if you don’t have an acute injury, you can see our physical therapy team to improve performance. Our experts are trained to recognize improper movement patterns, imbalances, and compensations that impact how you move, perform, and excel. Come see our team to become injury-proof and elevate your play to the next level.