Stuck working from home? Feeling extra neck/shoulder pain with a new work environment? Try these tips to set up your workstation effectively and reduce strain. 

  • Pick the right chair

    • Avoid prolonged sitting in an overly cushioned or un-supportive chair. This means no work-from-home computer stations on the couch!

    • Choose a chair with good back support, usually a computer chair or dining chair.

    • Make sure hips and knees are at 90 degrees and feet are touching the floor.

  • Find the right height

    • Get your computer to the right height. Now is the time to break out that USB keyboard, or extra monitor.

      • Use books under the monitor as needed to elevate to eye level

      • Keyboards should be positioned comfortably at elbow height

    • If you do not have a USB keyboard or spare monitor to help you set up a better work station, try putting an incline under the laptop to improve positioning (a spare binder works great for this)
Work Station Set Up
  • Maintain neutral posture

    • When seated in a chair, keep your bottom in the back of the chair and try to keep your spine upright. Avoid leaning or slouching forward

  • Use props as needed

    • Use a towel roll or pillow behind the low back to support the lumbar spine.

  • Take breaks! Try to take a standing or movement break at least every 30 minutes

    • (More on this later!)