Jessica Long Medals

Meet Peake PT sponsored athlete Jessica Long! Jessica is the second most decorated US Paralympian of all time and has her sights set on Tokyo for her 5th Paralympic games! Here is a quick Q&A from Jessica:

Q: How and when did you get into swimming?

Jessica: It was really by accident. I was doing gymnastics and my parents were worried about my knees so they gave me an ultimatum: do it with prosthetics on or pick another sport. I picked swimming and fell in love – I didn’t need my prosthetics, the team was welcoming, and it made me feel “normal.”

Q: What is your favorite event/memory of your career so far?

Jessica: My favorite events are the 400 free and 200IM. I particularly loved the 200IM in Rio 2016. It took me 10 days to win a gold and I won it while exhausted and burnt out!

Q: What are your thoughts for Tokyo 2020?

Jessica: I am really excited about Tokyo – I think they will do a great job hosting and the fans are super into it. I think it might be the best Paralympic games yet! My current goal is to qualify for the national team in June.

Q: What is a tip you can share for anyone early in their sport/career?

Jessica: Consistency is key! Find your passion and set your goals high.