–Locations Remain at Training House and Bare Hills; New Venue at Maryland Club Exclusive to Members–

(Baltimore, MD) – October 22, 2019 – Formerly known as Training House Physical Therapy and Bare Hills Physical Therapy, Peake Physical Therapy is pleased to unveil its new brand launch today.  Remaining in the original two venues located in Baltimore, MD, Peake Physical Therapy will continue to use an evidence informed approach to therapy tailored to each individual patient and their respective goals. Peake Physical Therapy will offer its rehab and recovery services as the exclusive physical therapy clinicians to work with the Maryland Club and its members.

“Peake Physical Therapy was created to address one of the largest problems within sports and orthopaedic medicine — the gap between rehab and getting back to your life,” shares Frank Rosenthal, partner. “Typically, when rehab ends, clients are left in a void- unsure of how exactly to progress back to their life whether on the field or with their daily activities. At Peake, we utilize a continuum of rehab and performance to guide our clients through the process and bridge that gap.”

Aligning with Peake’s mission to provide evidence-based care, the team offers advanced assessment and clinical reasoning at the beginning of the professional client relationship.  Focusing on overall movement and skilled manipulation, Peake’s services revolve around the need to provide integrated physical, emotional and psychological rehab to better treat the whole person.  Services include, but are not limited to: Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Sport rehab, Women’s health/Pelvic health, Shockwave therapy, Concussion management, Athlete recovery services, Sport-specific video and gait analysis, Dry needling and cupping, Vertigo treatment, Post surgery/Injury rehabilitation, ASTYM,  Taping, and Blood flow restriction.

“Rebranding our clinics has enabled us to enhance our core beliefs of physical therapy while helping our clients to enhance their lifestyles.  It has allowed us to connect our three branches under one symbolic name to best serve our community and our clients while serving them at our venues at Training House, Bare Hills and the Maryland Club,” said David Bender, partner.

Peake stems from the orientation of the offices in the ChesaPEAKE Bay region. The emphasis on our ability to bridge clients to recovery, performance and well-being while supporting them when they need it most, played a major role in the development of the name and logo development.

With the clinics’ rebrand, a new website www.peakephysicaltherapy.com and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) have been launched.

About Peake Physical Therapy (www.peakephysicaltherapy.com)

Peake Physical Therapy is physical therapy clinic servicing the CheasaPEAKE Bay region and located in Baltimore, Maryland with three venues – Training House, Bare Hills and the Maryland Club.  Committed to providing evidence-based care, Peake Physical Therapy provides services revolving around the need to provide integrated physical, emotional and psychological rehab to better treat the whole person.  For more information, visit www.peakephysicaltherapy.com.