Low energy after a big holiday meal? Want to get moving safely to ward off those sluggish feels? Check out our post holiday workout below. The focus is on activation of the biggest muscles in your body as well as intervals, to ramp your metabolism.

Things to consider before working out:

  • Don’t beat yourself up for eating – enjoy the holiday! 
  • Stick with movements you know.
  • Invite a buddy to make it more fun!
5 minute Jog/walk
15 Air squats (hold onto kitchen counter if needed)
2×10 push ups (on floor, chair, wall)
Workout – 3-5 rounds of:
5 minutes cardio (walk, run, stairs, row, swim) – 30 seconds moderate to fast/30 seconds easy x5
10 walking lunges
Plank for 10-20 seconds
Bent over row – x10 per arm
Cool down:
Child’s pose x10 breaths
Seated forward fold with bent knees x30 seconds
Figure 4 stretch 30 seconds
Belly breathing 2 minutes